Welcome to APC

APC – BACK EUROP POLSKA is a Polish group of wholesalers specializing in sourcing: confectioneries, bakeries and ice cream parlors in articles for production. Our company was established in 1999 in Opole by inviting the most recognized companies serving this market segment craft.
Currently, the group APC – BACK EUROP POLSKA operates 11 warehouses, which together with its subsidiaries form a network of 29 centers of supply companies in the bakery and confectionery throughout the Polish.

The APC based on experience in the industry, recognizing the needs of the Customers, using knowledge of global market trends. The most effective and innovative way meets the needs of its Customers in terms of quality, relevance and comprehensiveness of its assortment, and by continuous attention to the satisfaction of its Customers, offering them the best possible service and support training and advisory This creates more added value for Customer and becomes for them “the first choice” partner. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty guarantees a permanent increase in income from operations, which, given the ongoing effort to optimize intercompany processes, maintaining sustainable development while maintaining financial stability, maximizes the return on the capital invested by the owners. For employees provides the best place and working conditions.
APC is developing dynamically because it effectively interact with each other Group members and suppliers, who are positively assess our business. Since 2007, APC – BACK EUROP POLSKA represents Poland within the framework of Back Europ International. This allows to act in accordance with global trends. Wholesale belonging to our Group have a comprehensive range of products that meets the needs and tastes of each client. Thanks to the successful cooperation with suppliers, members of the Group build its offer based on the latest trends and technologies of bakery and confectionery industry.
The ambition of our company is that the environment industry: bakers, confectioners, ice makers as well as our suppliers, saw the company as a reliable and professional organization, able to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market: on one side – the customer and the other – Suppliers.
We invite you to read the offer our wholesalers.

In the list of our partners are:

  • APC AGRA – Opole, Wrocław i Częstochowa,
  • BMSG – Pawlikowice k/ Wieliczki, Tarnów i Będzin,
  • APC DAMON – Kraków,
  • GLOBAL – Łódź,
  • JUREKO – Zielona Góra, Gorzów Wielkopolski i Legnica,
  • APC KUMA – Bydgoszcz, Kartuzy, Elbląg i Kołobrzeg,
  • MOTYL – Bystrzejowice k/Lublina,
  • PIEKARZ – Poznań,
  • SOJANEX – Szczecin,
  • TAJFUN – Rzeszów, Frysztak, Sanok i Tarnobrzeg,
  • ZIARNEX – Warszawa (2 oddziały), Białystok, Płock, Siedlce, Suwałki i Elbląg.

APC shareholders: